Urban Ministries of Durham


Total So Far for Urban Ministries of Durham: $4455.00

Urban Ministries of Durham
Address 410 Liberty Street
Durham, NC 27701
Year Founded 1983
Tax ID 58-1505891

What We Do

Urban Ministries of Durham has a long history and serves a critical role in Durham as the central place for people to go for food, clothing, emergency shelter and a future. The location of UMD in the heart of downtown Durham is a significant asset to agencies and business partners who appreciate UMD’s willingness to collaborate and insure that people who are hungry and homeless have a safe, dignified place to get help. Last year we helped 185 people end their homelessness. Our work is underpinned by more than 4,000 volunteers who donate their time and money to provide services to over 6,000 people in need in the Durham community.


“Now I have my own apartment with a key.  I can still make it in society, and I’m very appreciative.” Julius Williams (Former UMD client, now current volunteer)

“I don’t plan to be at UMD for long. With a little bit of help – and a whole lot of work…” Juanita Mitchell


Shared Visions Foundation will match the first $1,000 in donations.

Bulldega Urban Market will give donors of $25 or more a locally roasted small cup of coffee and a sustainable Bulldega shopping bag.