Inter-Faith Council for Social Service


Total So Far for Inter-Faith Council for Social Service: $3370.00

Inter-Faith Council for Social Service
Address 110 W. Main Street
Carrboro NC 27510
Year Founded 1963
Tax ID 59-1224041

What We Do

People come to IFC when they are in crisis. They may be homeless, food insecure, unemployed, fleeing domestic violence or facing eviction. Crisis situations may be caused by an accident, serious illness or the loss of a job. Many of our clients are elderly, disabled, veterans, or suffer from addictions or mental illness. Your gift will help IFC provide them with food, shelter and other basic services until they get back on their feet again.


“IFC kick-started what is slowly becoming a recovery. When I first went there, we were three months behind on our rent and were getting ready to be evicted.  Now our rent and bills are completely caught up, we have groceries in the house and we have the ability to start functioning again. We know that we can go to IFC when things get really hard. They turned things around for me.  What they did for me and my family brings me to tears and I’m not a person who cries easily. IFC makes me feel like there is always somebody who cares.”


Shared Visions Foundation will match up to $1,000 in donations.

The Stewards Fund will match new, increased, or lapsed donors.

Donors who give $35 or more will receive a $10 gift certificate from University Florist & Gifts.