The Caring Community Foundation


Total So Far for The Caring Community Foundation: $515.00

The Caring Community Foundation
Address PO Box 1364; Cary, NC 27512
Year Founded 2009
Tax ID 20-0036976

What We Do

The Caring Community Foundation provides financial support to cancer patients receiving treatment in the Triangle area with day to day needs such as rent, utilities, treatment or other expenses that become difficult to manage during cancer treatment. We provide timely financial assistance; often sending out a check within the first 48 hours of receiving and approving a request, working to support at least one patient each day of the year. 100% of all individual donations to right back to the patients to which the Caring Community Foundation provides assistance. To our knowledge, no other organization in the area provides this type of service.


“It was a true blessing to be helped by the Caring Community Foundation.  They assisted me financially at a time when I needed to focus on enduring cancer treatment and not how I was going to pay my bills. This group of strangers that provided such a blessing to me is now like family.” – Laura, cancer survivor and Caring Community Foundation client


The first 10 donors who give $25-$30 will receive a $5 gift certificate to Elmo’s Diner in Durham.

The first 10 donors who give over $35 will receive a $10 gift card to Tyler’s Restaurant & Taproom (good for all locations).