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(919) 419-1059
1820 James St.  Durham , North Carolina 27707
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Founded: 1994
Tax ID: 56-1861158


What they do

Provides comprehensive treatment, therapy, work-based vocational training, education and comprehensive support and continuing care services through a long-term, residential treatment program to enable men and women struggling with substance abuse to be productive, recovering individuals; supports residents as they transition from TROSA into the community through access to subsidized sober housing, affordable transportation, and bi-weekly support groups. Provides these comprehensive services to over 450 residents daily at no charge.


“I’m courageous. As a mother and army veteran, I thought I was prepared for anything. I wasn’t prepared to witness the traumatic death of my brother. I turned to pills to numb the pain. TROSA gave me strength to feel again.” --Marlena, TROSA Resident


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